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Are you getting started with law? Then it is essential that you read a few books to solidify your concepts. Otherwise, you will have to resort to law assignment writing services. These books are:

1. About Law

Are you a complete novice? Looking for a beginner's guide to the law? Then Tony Honoré's About Law is the book for you. About Law is a short but comprehensive introduction to law and a variety of issues, including the purpose of law, a simple explanation of how it works, and an introduction to the legal system in England.

Honoré is a well-known legal professor who is well-versed in the nuances of the law. However, this does not imply that he speaks in jargon. Instead, use technical terminology only when absolutely essential, and always include a dictionary of terms with detailed explanations.

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2. Letters to a Law Student: A Guide to Studying Law at University

Nicholas J. McBride's Letters to a Law Student is one of the most renowned law books in the world, and it is highly recommended for all prospective law students moving off to university.

McBride's work is divided into a digestible series of 'letters' delivered to a fictional pupil, as the title indicates. They come together to make a collection that describes what it's like to study Law in higher education. And, more crucially, challenges you to consider whether the topic is appropriate for you.

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3. The Rule of Law

Bingham tries to provide a good starting point for understanding it by stating that the 'Rule of Law' is an unwritten concept of the United Kingdom's constitution. It means that politicians must rule within their capabilities, and that the law must apply equally to everybody and be simple to comprehend in order for the majority to follow it. He then goes on to set out further rules of law concepts, putting any reader ahead in their Public Law courses.

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